Best Way to Learn English

To improve English Speaking, the best thing to do is to talk with a native speaker. But everyone has not this option. English has a number of grammar rules, so anyone can’t remember these rules. You can improve your spoken English, even without a speaking partner.

So, you have to follow these simple and best steps(way) to learn English:-

Steps 1. You just require to select a movie, show, or anything in English. After that watch the whole scene with concentrate. Then write down any word or phase that you don’t know. Rewind scene 1, review your vocabulary with meaning Watch it again, captions still on. Scene ends.

Steps 2. Now, you have to turn off the caption and watch again scene 1. Now review your vocabulary once more.

Steps 3. Play one sentence and pause which you watch. Try to copy this sentence. And you repeat this process till last.

Steps 4. Now you are going to shadow it. No pausing this time. No subtitles and try to be a tiny bit behind then. So now you need to is play and shadow. Rewind the all process as many times as you want.

Steps 5. Shadowing without pausing still the scene one.

Steps 6. Now compare yourself to the actor shadowing while recording your voice.

Now you can try a different scene. The reason behind watching scene is not entertainment, it’s about learning by mind. To learn English it’s important to keep your motivation up.

If you think in your native language and then try to speak in English. You’ll always have to translate between languages. You can do this anywhere or anytime. You can also try to use English when you are thinking about your day. These are the best way to learn English.

Now you will notice that when you think in English, it’s easier for you to speak in English. You will also see improvements in your language confidence and skills.

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