Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Might Finally Get a Traning Mode

For Test Servers, Call of Duty afresh released an enormous Season 7 update. The beta update teased entirely new content that could come in the Call of Duty Mobiles global version.

Although, The most thrilling part about the update is that it ultimately introduced a dedicated Traning mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

To improve skills, there are stills no committed Training mode for players in the sixth season of Call of Duty Mobile. Although, after the updates of Season 7, it looks like the global version in the Call of Duty Mobile might completely have the much-anticipated training map.

As opposed to PUBG Mobile, the recently introduced Traning map in the Call of Duty beta is fetching small. Even so, the little map is best to make use of your focus and that’s all we require.

The Traning Mode in Call of Duty Mobile beta has all the things that, players require to upgrade their aim. Players can increase their focusing skills by shooting at moving and fixed targets. Furthermore, players can flat shoot at flying rockets to take their focusing to one more level.

The Traning Mode has also just about every weapon. Players could ultimately test all the weapons in the Call of Duty Mobile.

In addition to the training mode, the beta update assembled many more changes in the game as well. For instance Call of Duty Mobile beta introduced tanks in Battle Royal. And also the Battle Royale ‘Isolated’ map is a lot bigger in Call of Duty Mobileafter getting multiple new locations and ‘Smoke Bomber’ a new BR class in Call of Duty Mobile beta.

Hence, Season 7 for Call of Duty Mobile, will be one and all pleasant when you see all the latest updates.

COD Mobile’s Season 7 updates

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