Can India Boycott Chinese Products?

India-China border dispute and trade is the headline of every newspaper and news channel. It has been increasing in our country after the killing of twenty Indian armies. With the emphasis sentiment in the country of boycott Chinese apps and products.

In 2018-19, India’s trade with China was $87.07 billion. At the same time, Indian import from China was US$70.32 in 2018-19 although India export to China was US$16.75. In the 2018-19 India trade deficit with China was $53.57 billion.

Chinese products imported in India

Electronic Products

From China, India imports generally electronic products, toys, parts of computers, cars, and motorcycles, antibiotics, milk products fertilizers, smartphones, and also more things.

Indian products exported to China

Agricultural Products

India exports cotton textiles, agricultural products, raw lead, iron ore, steel, copper, telecom content, handicrafts products, and also more things to China. 36% of Indian products exports to China.

Why China’s products are favorite in India?

Chinese Products

China’s products are favorite in India because the price of Chinese products is very low due to the accessibility of cheap labor force. The government of China also decreases the cost of production of goods. And the manufacturer of China produces a large number of goods which decrease the cost per unit. But the price of Indian products is very high due to costly raw materials, old techniques of production.

Which Indian sector is most affected by China?

Chinese Toys

India’s toy sector is most affected by Chinese imports because the price of Chinese toys is very low than Indian toys. Previous year 80% toy sector is snatched by Chinese toys and also Italian toys. Only 20% of the toy industry snatched by Indian companies.

In the last five years, 40% of Indian toy industries have been closed and 20% are on the edge of the shutdown.

China has also affected India’s electronic industry. At the time of festivals like Diwali by cheap Chinese electronic items for example- lighting and the same at Raksha-Bandhan by Chinese Rakhi.

Many Chinese Smartphones have also affected India’s smartphone market. The price of Chinese Smartphones is less than Indian Smartphones. The demand for Chinese Smartphones and products is increasing day-by-day in India.

Can India prevent the supply of Chinese products in the India?

It is very difficult to say that India can prevent the supply of Chinese products or not. According to the rule made by the World Trade Organization(WTO), it is unfeasible to ban on imports of products from any country while there are no diplomatic, regional, and trade relations with that country.

Commerce and Industry Minister said in the Lok Sabha that the government of India has banned Chinese mobiles that don’t have an IMEI number. Our government can ban some Chinese Products on the basis of health and security issues. China has also banned Indian milk products.

India can ban some Chinese products such as electronic products and toys e.t.c. If all Chinese products are banned in India, the inflation rate will increase. Indian products are costlier than Chinese products and everyone can’t buy it. Therefore Taking any decision related to boycotting Chinese products our government needs to make a sensible resolution.

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