How Can You ‘Block YouTube Ads’? With The Use of Simple URL Trick

A Redditor has created an easy trick to how can you block YouTube ads that pop up during watching videos? To remove YouTube ads doesn’t require any third-party app or an extension or memorizing code sequences. It is the best part of this trick.

All you require to do it put more time (.) after the .com part of the URL on YouTube. This means that on behalf of visiting, you will need to enter the URL bar.

Now, your YouTube video will play without ads. lets us know how these tricks block YouTube ads?

This possibly occurs because of neglect on YouTube’s end to assign the hostname. The extra period results in no hostname match.

Thus, Adding extra time to the URL sort of “breaks” the page in a way that shows the main content of the page but eliminates other stuff like YouTube ads and cookies too.

Even so, This trick is only working on the desktop. To use this trick on a mobile browser, you will have to use the desktop version of the page.

Now you can enjoy ad-free YouTube videos.

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