India, China holding Crops Commander-level meeting at Moldo to discuss Ladakh dispute

NEW DELHI: Today, Indian Army sources said that India and China are holding crops Commander-level meeting at Moldo to discuss the ongoing dispute in Ladakh. This is the second meeting among the two Crops Commander.

Thereafter June 6, they had assuredly disengage at multiple locations. India had also asked them to go back to pre-May 4 military positions onward the LAC.

The Chinese have not given some reply to the Indian proposal. They have also not even any purpose on the ground to draw out its troops from rear positions. Where they have gathered over 10,000 troops.

The sources said. India wants to discuss the change in rules of engagement on the LAC. Where the forces have been powerful to use forearms in remarkable situations.

During the June 6 discussion, given to disengage in the Galway valley completely and other places, the Indian will also ask China to honor the commitment. The build-up of Chinese air properties, as well as strategic bombers by that PLA Air Force in the fields. Near Indian territory close to Ladakh, also likely taken up for discussion.

In the last week, twenty Indian soldiers sacrifice their lives in the face-off in the Galway valley after an attempt by the Chinese troops to unilaterally change the status quo during the de-escalation in the eastern Ladakh. But in the last month, India and China have been involved in talks to smoothen the ongoing border tensions. After a meeting in the last month to discuss the ongoing dispute in the Ladakh, they have done these types of behaving.

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