Jio Phone 5 underworks, the expected price is under Rs 500

Now, Reliance Jio company is working on Jio Phone 5, it’s a new version of Jio Phone that is expected to be cheaper than the original model. The expected price of this phone is under Rs 500.

A recent report from 91Mobiles suggests that a JioPhone 5 is in works and before you get your hopes high, this is just another feature phone. It is said that the JioPhone 5 is essentially a lighter version of the original JioPhone. This means it will retail for a much lower price than the current price of the JioPhone.

Dubbed Jio Phone 5, reports say the Indian telecom and E-commerce giant is developing a Lite version of the original Jio Phone. It could be available for just Rs.399. JioPhone 5 is one of the cheapest mobile phones you can buy on the market.

This phone is supported by Jio, it’ll likely have 4G LTE support. It would run KaiOS and could come with a couple of pre-loaded apps like an internet browser, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. And just like the original JioPhone, users can likely make VoLTE calls.

Features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, onboard storage space. So on might be skipped entirely, cameras might also be ditched to keep the cost affordable. JioPhone 5 users can make free calls to fellow Jio users. However, to browse the internet, they will need to pay for the internet pack.

Recently, Jio company announced that it has plans to come up with an affordable 4G smartphone complete with a touchscreen and Android and also iOS. But the company has not announced the date of launch.

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