Pilot Gaurav Taneja suspended after #BoycottAirAsiaIndia trends on Twitter

An AirAsia pilot, fitness blogger, and a digital influencer Gaurav Taneja has been suspended from the airlines following a controversial video that the pilot posted on his YouTube channel – Flying Beast.

Gaurav Taneja was a captain of Airbus A320 with AirAsia India.

In his vlog posted on June 14, he blames the airline of violating some

safety protocols and expose the lives of passengers on board.

Since, His main blame about the company is that Air Asia India does not allow the employees to take sick leaves and does not follow proper security among other allegations.

Then, Gaurav Taneja tweeted on Sunday that AirAsia India suspended him for standing up for the safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers.

 An AirAsia India official said that Taneja was suspended on disciplinary grounds for

reporting sick frequently and has nothing to do with him flagging the safety lapses.

However, On Monday, he posted a detailed video on YouTube titled “Reasons behind suspension from my pilot job”.

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He also urged his more than two lakh followers to call out his employers and stand by him. Taking to Twitter, Taneja wrote:

gaurav taneja tweets

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Also, Taneja’s tweets gained traction and #BoycottAirAsiaIndia started trending on Twitter.

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