PUBG Mobile Season 14: Start Date, Update and Royal Pass

Battlegrounds are one of the best- selling and most- played video games of all time. It is available for Android and iOS(i.e., iPhone). It is a persistent online game. Now, PUBG Mobile Season 14 starts on July 12.

PUBG Mobile is the official spin-off to the survival game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It was the highest-grossing game in May, making a massive $226 million for Pubg’s parent company, Tencent.

PUBG Mobile is very popular. It delivering a regular stream of updates, new seasonal content. And also gameplay modes for its player base.

When does PUBG Mobile Season 14 start?

PUBG Mobile Season 14 is going to start on July 12. This is also when the royale pass for Season 13, Toy Playground will come to an end. Although there’s generally a few days break between each season on PUBG for consoles and PC. The mobile version usually updates preceding a week. Then the royale pass begins on time once the last season ends.

What will include Season 14 ?

Although the contents of Season 14 are explosively under wraps. Now various leaks have shown that the new theme will spin around “Spark the flame”. The royale pass will consist of new cosmetic items. For example character skins, emotes, and Unknown Cash to unlock, which can be put against the next royale pass.

How much is the PUBG Mobile Season 14 royale pass?

PUBG Mobile’s royale pass is free. The free pass will also top out at rank 60, so bear that in the mind. But if you want to unlock the premium items you will need to stump up some money.

In this game, the royale pass costs 600 UC($9.99) and grants to better rewards. The fortuity to rank up quickly via elite mission. If you want to go all out, the Elite pass plus generally costs 1800 UC($29.99). It gives you only 25 ranks for free with some special rewards items.

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