The burden on crematoriums, graveyards reduces as no of Covid-19 cases fall in Delhi

New Delhi: After a few months of being burdened by Covid-19 related deaths. The workers at crematoriums and graveyards in New Delhi are finally heaving a sigh of relief as the number of COVID-19 deaths has fallen appreciably.

The number of bodies brought for final rites has decreased in the past few days. Officials of the crematoriums and graveyards said.

The biggest Muslim graveyard in the city situated near Delhi Gate, over 400 bodies have buried. In the period of Covid-19, 10-15 bodies brought here every day for burial.

Haji Mian Faiyazuddin, the secretary of the management committee of the cemetery said,  in the last few days, the numbers of such burials have come down to 2-3. He also said that over 400 bodies have buried so far in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols.

The coronavirus curve is flattening and Delhi has crossed the peak. The highest number of COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 related deaths, with one day reporting over 90 fatalities in June, some health experts have said. The number of deaths due to the COVID-19 has now come in the range of 20-40 every day.

 He said, now the situation is not as “grave”, but land availability is still a problem. “The graveyard is a burden so much because it is close to old city areas. And people prefer burying the dead here. Also, following COVID-19 protocol means that more space required for a body, compared to normal burials. The burden would be greatly relieved if the Waqf Board’s graveyard near Millennium Park also starts burial of virus patients”.

The secretary of Nigambodh Ghat crematorium, Suman Gupta also said that the number of funerals has come down appreciably from 25 and onward a day to 10-12 deaths per daily.

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