Virus From Mars Planet: Which Is Lakh Time More Dangerous Than Corona

New Delhi: Now, the world is fighting with corona. This virus has changed the world in ‘tomb heap’. The most important problem with this is that its cure has not been found until now. Many countries file a claim that they had made the corona vaccine. But till now any country has not announced only a fixed claim on this. Among this NASA has announced that they are bringing samples of the virus from the ‘Mars Planet’ on the earth. There may be dangerous “Pythagons” in it. Through this, there are full chances of spreading of a dangerous epidemic. After this interview, there is a stir all over the world.

Dr. Berry Digregorio from the University of Buckingham request NASA to test that samples on the moon. Because of “Pythagons” came on the earth, then it would be impossible to stop that epidemic. He said brought on the earth then whatever safety precaution is taken it by mistake a single bit of it spread then this virus will spread as fastly that can’t be stopped. It would be impossible

Dr. Berry Digregorio from the University of Buckingham said that the epidemic will make corona a midget this is nothing in front of that. The destruction (virus) which is coming on the earth from Mars will be lakh time more dangerous than corona.

But America Agency has refused the suggestion on Dr. NASA has clearly announced that samples of Mars will come on the earth. NASA said that they have owned the safety norms. They will take strict caution.

If the luck will bad, then the only destruction would occur NASA said that they will test the samples in the state of the Laboratories. Where all types of equipment and safety measures will be planned.

In 2030, humans will send on the Mars Planet from where scientists will collect the samples.Dr. Digregorio said that NASA hides too many things from the public. They thought that on Mars the possibility of life has known very earlier. But NASA not opened this news.

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